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The many rising environmental issues the world is facing is one of the main reasons why our Solution, Reeflect came to a reality. As a global aviation company with a wide reach, we feel responsible for doing our part in helping to preserve the environment. Indeed, Reeflect’s innovative formulations are guarantied 100% free from any toxic solvents, chemical additives and petroleum compounds. This makes our range of solutions different from what is already available on the market. We can guarantee an ultimate biodegradability on all our formulations, which does not add further damage to the current state of our environment.

As an institution with over 15 years of experience in the aviation industry, with partners from all over the globe, this new venture is our first step towards creating a sustainable and environment-friendly process for cleaning aircraft. We have partnered with the French R&D laboratory SALVECO, who share the same vision as us, create environmentally- efficient and safe solutions.


We introduce to you our current range of Reeflect formulations specifically designed to maintain clean aircraft by covering the following materials:

Exterior Aircraft Body / Leather / Glass & plastic / Carpet & Fabric / All surfaces disinfections / General surfaces


Feel free to explore our website for detailed information about the range of products we are offering.

The upcoming MRO Middle East 2017 this February 8-9 would be a great chance to meet potential clients and partners.

We would be delighted to discuss your needs and requirements to support you with a tailored cleaning alternative.